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Our Zion jeep tour is a thrilling way for people with an active lifestyle to experience the back-country surrounding Zion National Park. Over time we have designed our route to provide the best jeep tour available. Way beyond sightseeing, we are explorational and interactive. Stopping at the spots that interest you…like drinking fresh rain water out of natural rock pools or taking a bite out of a prickly pear cactus. We love to chase lizards and enjoy the snakes from a distance. We’re definitely not that dumb Jeep tour. We are a five-star tour company through TripAdvisor with our focus being on your group’s vacation be assured, we provide premium equipment, and best views around. Our tour offers you peace, solitude and serenity – – we’re the only tour company that visits this area and we will enjoy the silence of mother nature. In this industry, you get what you pay for…quality costs money and we don’t apologize for the quality of our tours.

Imagine kicking back, in a nice clean jeep with your arm wrapped around your loved one, ascending 1,500 feet atop the mesas and exploring over 30 miles of trail. We surround you with gorgeous viewpoints in what we consider a perfect mesh of local history, geological formations, and pristine high desert environment.These views rival the Grand Canyon; it is so quiet you can hear the wind glide off the Ravens wings!! During spring and summer the desert is in bloom with plants like Cliffrose, wild Manzanita, Banana Yucca, Prickly Pear cactus, Cholla, wild Rhubarb, and the fragrant silvery blue sagebrush. The desert air smells of