Tread Armament and Weaponry Retail Stores

144 W. Brigham Rd. Suite 9
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 619-9700
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about us

TREAD ARMAMENT & WEAPONRY was Founded by Owner and CEO Nick Whitney back in 2014. Ever since the Newtown Shootings, he saw a need to better protect children that wasn't being offered. And wanting to protect his own children, sought after a way to offer that protection. He teamed up with Bullet Blocker, an American based company and the original creator of the Bulletproof child safety backpack as a distributor and offers a long line of body armor from Backpacks, Inserts, Vests and clothing options. Tread also specializes in Firearms, Ammo, Tactical Gear, Survival Supplies, Defense Division and Conceal Carry Classes. Tread has grown to many retailers that also carry their products. Tread is the one stop shop for Law Enforcement, and has provided safety gear to many of our local law enforcement. Tread also has a charity called Vesting America's Police K9's which provides bullet/stab proof vests for the K-9 officers of Utah, as well as other areas of this country, and has vested 96 K9's so far this year! Your loved ones safety, your peace of mind, is our Business. Prepare, Protect. Prevent at