The Bridge Health Recovery Center Health & Wellness

98 North 6680 West
Hurricane, UT 84737
(888) 645-4570
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about us

The Bridge Health Recovery and Wellness Program is a combination of allopathic and complementary therapies resulting in effective treatments that are innovative and personalized for each guest suffering chronic illness and chronic pain. Guests are with us 24 hours a day for 21 days, they are provided exceptionally healthy meals, deluxe accommodations, access to alternative and traditional providers and wellness program methods including a full schedule of healthy activities and therapies to make each day an incredible experience. The Bridge has seen extraordinary results in guests’ recovery when they embrace the program and fully apply the practices and learning to their health challenges. Individual results may vary, but you can see it time and time again when they find new hope during their stay. The past 19 years has refined our staff’s ability to recognize each person’s unique response to their illness and work with each individual for their benefit.