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446 W 100 S
St George, UT 84770
(435) 674-3185
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Corner of 100 S and Bluff St
Monday - Saturday : 9am-7pm
Sunday : 11am-5pm

about us

Ride More. It’s been our tagline for a long time, but it’s more than just a few words that we like to tack onto our logo. No, it’s the Red Rock Bicycle way of life. Everybody that works at Red Rock Bicycle rides. Not all of us ride the same types of bikes or even participate in the same disciplines, but we all ride. It’s a thread that has held true since the beginning days of the shop. The reason: if you ride, you tend to have a passion for it. You learn the products that work, what trails are fun or what races you would do again. We’ve always felt that it was in our customers’ best interest to be helped by people that ride. The most common question we hear in the shop is “Have you been riding?” The most common response is, “Not enough.” I can say that no one has ever answered, “Yes, too much.” Mostly because that isn’t even possible. Riding is good for you. It keeps you healthy, makes you feel good and is fun. You just can’t get enough. Ride More is the driving factor behind many of the things that we do at Red Rock Bicycle that make us different. Our number one goal is to provide you with the products and services that allow you to ride more. Whether that means a couple times a month or everyday, everywhere, we’ve got you covered.


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