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Description: Revolutionary head and belt lamps. Full peripheral vision. Simulates daylight - eliminates tunnel vision. For the active lifestyle. Our Story: For the last few years, we have been selling a range of random products online. Nothing we sold provided the impact we wanted to make. A year and half ago in Rusty’s living room we experimenting with new product ideas. Rusty placed an LED strip across his forehead, and the light bulb literally turned on. Instantly we were flooded with frustrating memories of using traditional headlamps, and saw the significance of having a strip of lights as opposed to a single circular beam. The ONE80 was born! Both of us have depended on traditional headlamps for work, and recreation. Every headlamp we’ve ever used has had the same problem, LIMITED TUNNEL VISION. With the most high-powered light on the market you can light your path for up to two hundred yards, but you have to move your head to see only inches to your left or right. There is absolutely no PERIPHERAL VISION. ?The ONE80 Light opens up your ability to use your PERIPHERAL VISION IN THE DARK! The early prototypes were super-ugly. The construction of the ONE80 was sewn by home machines, zip tied, hand sewn, and glued. They were bulky, awkward and less than functional. But, every time we put one of the prototypes on a friend or family member’s head, the reaction was the same. When they had the same “Aha” moment we did, we knew we were on to something. After countless hours of finding the right battery, the right materials and the right LED’s, we were finally

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