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NEXT STEP ADVISORS IS DEDICATED TO HELPING ENTREPRENEURS BECOME BETTER BUSINESS OWNERS THROUGH TIMELY REPORTING, PROACTIVE ADVICE, AND INTELLIGENT ANALYSIS. WHILE MOST ACCOUNTANTS ARE ONLY CONCERNED WITH LAST YEAR, WE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS NOW AND INTO THE FUTURE. Shouldn't dealing with taxes be easier? Knowing how to handle your taxes and getting them filed seems to be stressful enough without the worry that you missed a deduction or a credit, or even worse, that you might get audited. We strive to make taxes simpler for those we serve. We think that filing a tax return should be the result of a year's worth of good planning, not something you put together in a rush before a deadline. Accounting Do you know where your business stands? No entrepreneur gets into business just to spend all their time keeping track of receipts and recording transactions. But without the key numbers from a robust accounting system, you are essentially running your business blind. We believe that entrepreneurs should spend less time working on their accounting and get back to doing what they do best. Advisory How clear is your strategy? A good accountant's value goes far beyond putting together your accounting records. We understand your numbers and can help you see opportunities and warning signs in your financial data. We coach clients on issues from entity maintenance to staff compensation. Our advisory services give you confidence in knowing your accounting and taxes are taken care of while receiving proactive advice about your business.