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St. George, UT 84790
(435) 574-1889
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We are behind Furniture Row along the freeway in the office park at the corner of 400 E and Sunland Drive, Unit 10
Training Sessions are every 30 mins from:
5:30am to 10am
and again in the afternoon:
4:30pm to 6p

who to contact

Teresa Ford · Owner · Phone:(435) 574-1889 

about us

Our mission at Fitness LEVEL 10 is to act as a guide to help our clients increase their productivity and align their fat loss lifestyle habits seamlessly with their intentions to live happy and have more fun.

Fat Loss: Your hormones control your metabolism so it makes sense to ''speak'' to your hormones in a way they can interpret your intentions to turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine. If you are participating in stressful exercise and find yourself ''pacing'' to survive hour-long workouts, you will see little to no results. But if you participate in the right type of exercise that makes sense physiologically as well as hormonally, quite naturally, you will burn the right types of calories for fuel; FAT CALORIES! Our bodies are miraculous machines and they can only do what we ask them to do. Example: eat lean, look lean. Eat fluffy, look fluffy. You get it.

Your body was born to burn fat, that's why babies lose their chubs. At Fitness LEVEL 10 we just re-teach you how to turn on your fat burning hormones again and reduce your personal stress. The benefits are undeniable: 1) your productivity increases, 2) your energy rises, 3) your confidence is magnified, 4) medical stats stabilize and 5) you body melts in all the right places revealing how toned and tight you have become.

No one gets out of shape overnight and the same is true getting back to feeling healthy and being fit. Be patient with the process. It WILL happen if you just give yourself a chance to manifest your hormonal potential to burn fat and gain strength while you l

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