Jimmy John's of Southern Utah Restaurants | Catering & Banquet Facilities

42 S. River Rd
St George, UT 84790
(435) 656-3900
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Central- 42 S. River Rd. West- 910 N. Dixie Downs Rd. East- 2376 E. Red Cliffs Dr. South - 930 S. Bluff St. Cedar - 1001 W. 200 N.
10 am - 10 pm
Monday - Saturday

who to contact

Tera Carter · Catering & Marketing Director · Phone:(435) 656-3900  · Send an Email

about us

As a proud local sponsor of many local community groups, schools & events in St George and Cedar City, Jimmy John's of Southern Utah is one of the best small franchises in the JJ's system nation wide. Our first store was the one on Bluff St. which opened in the 90's, it was Jimmy John's 57th store, now there's over 2400 in the country.

With 5 locally owned stores, our mission is to create a great sammy experience. Fast & fresh, and striving to make you feel better than when you came in. We're people driven, inside the restaurant and out. We love being local teens first jobs, and others last! Our 5 units are a close knit team that continually strives to raise the bar with local sponsorship, getting involved in as much as we can to help around the community, catering to the masses, and feeding our area cheap eats with the freshest meats.

From a party of 5 to 500, we have upped the bar in our catering and events, and plan on continuing to keep our fun culture growing strong through out Southern Utah for all to enjoy along with us!

Our 4 St George locations are:

930 S Bluff St.
42 S. River R.
2376 E. Red Cliffs Dr.
910 N. Dixie Down Rd.
in Cedar City on 1001 W. 200 N

We love being a part of the growing community, continuing feeding our families & athletes, and making many more delicious memories over a sammy and a smile.