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Serving Southern Utah & Mesquite, Nevada
Hurricane, UT 84737
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about us

Since 1996, Filta has been providing cooking oil micro filtration service around the world to restaurants and other food establishments. A local, independently owned franchise now serves commercial kitchens in Southern Utah, with future expansion potential to Mesquite, Nevada, and Northwest Arizona.

Filta’s “Green” services naturally preserve the environment by extending the life of cooking oil with the FiltaFry service, turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio and reducing energy consumption and food waste with FiltaCool. Southern Utah has also been selected as a pilot site for rollout of FiltaDrain - a probiotic treatment applied to kitchen drains to fight the build-up of fats, oils & greases (FOG), and other organic wastes.

Filta services over 5,000 customers every week and has recycled over 1/2 billion pounds of oil… and counting.