Ensignal - Verizon Telecommunications & Cellular Service

2628 S. Pioneer Road., Ste.B
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 628-7999
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Kirk Blackett

about us

Ensignal is your VOCAL and LOCAL Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer. They have been in the telecommunications industry for over 50 years and moved to the cellular industry almost 20 years ago. They have set the standard for being a VOCAL Verizon company meaning they hold outgoing communication to their clients and excellent customer service as the highest priority. You?ll always be informed of the cutting edge smartphone and tablet technology, and how to use it, as a friend to Ensignal. They also set a high standard for being a LOCAL company, as they customize the way they do business to accommodate the needs of every town they inhabit. This is why they invest greatly in community activities, events, and projects; as they support the cities that keep their stores in business. Walking into an Ensignal store, you?ll always be talking to a friendly neighbor who happens to be a cellular expert. Ensignal: VOCAL and LOCAL